Saturday, March 10, 2012

Playing two shows coming up. An acoustic show at the Red Door in Portsmouth, NH with White Norse on 03/19. White Norse is the acoustic version of our buddies Stoney Metally band Black Norse. Very InteresteD wink wink.

Then Jake will back in town for a full set at Gay Gardens 03/24. OWWWEEEE. Banned Books(fr. Philly) Eula (NY) and buds ARVID NOE playing. We'll be opening. COme on down.
Heres a facebook page if you have one

Also bringing some dudes from CT AND RI at Gay Gardens. Tinsel Teeeeth with the great Ferocious Fucking Teeth. Many of you may know TTEETH for there crazed shows, but get there early for opener Don Gero (zachy from Arvid NOE) and FFTEETH. FFTEETH have a new record out now, recorded by the great Steve Albini. They'll make you blow a load. Check it 03/17 @ GG"S ALLSTONE